01. Network

Network Status

Information about our growing network and trustworthy supply.

Total Supply

Total Blocks

54.91 Gh/s
Total Hashrate

Total Workers

Next halving approximately in 2691.50 hours (Last update: 19-03-2019 04:50:50 UTC)
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02. pool hints

Ready to Get Started?

Most Pools are using YIIMP based pool solutions. This BAT file should be enough to run without problems. Please visit the pool website for further details.

ccminer -a x22i -o stratum+tcp://POOL_ADDRESS:PORT -u WALLET.RIGNAME -p c=SUQA

For AMD:

sgminer -k x22i -o stratum+tcp://POOL_ADDRESS:PORT -u WALLET.RIGNAME -p c=SUQA -w 256 -g 2 -I 23

If you get memory errors when you mine. You can use -i (intensity) values. Ideal value for NVIDIA 19-20 for AMD 22-23 but can be reduced like below;

ccminer -a x22i -o stratum+tcp://POOL_ADDRESS:PORT -u WALLET.RIGNAME -p c=SUQA -i 19
sgminer -k x22i -o stratum+tcp://POOL_ADDRESS:PORT -u WALLET.RIGNAME -p c=SUQA -w 256 -g 2 -I 19

If error consist again. Drop your all memory and core overclocks to zero and power limit to 70. After that increase values step by step. Also you can set for more low intensity. Windows virtual memory increasement and fixing is another solution too.

Would You Like to Auto-Restart Your Miner on Fail?

Add this lines to your .BAT file for NVIDIA:
@echo off
ccminer -a x22i -o stratum+tcp://POOL_ADDRESS:PORT -u WALLET.RIGNAME -p c=SUQA
goto start

Add this lines to your .BAT file for AMD:
@echo off
sgminer -k x22i -o stratum+tcp://POOL_ADDRESS:PORT -u WALLET.RIGNAME -p c=SUQA -w 256 -g 2 -I 23
goto start

03. miner list

Unofficial Closed-Source Miners

All x22i SUQA Miners Listed Below
We do not provide "how to use" support. Please use their discord channels for support and use at your own risk.

Name Link DevFee (%) Open Source? AMD NVIDIA
T-Rex BitcoinTalk 1 NO
WildRig Multi BitcoinTalk 2 NO
CryptoDredge BitcoinTalk 1 NO
zjazz GitHub 2 NO
ccminer (official) GitHub 0 YES
sgminer (official) GitHub 0 YES

04. Pools

SUQA (x22i) Pool List

No Pool Fee % Block Height Workers Blocks in 24h (Last Block) Pool Hashrate
1bsod.pw0.9119254873398 (3 minutes)38.96 GH/s
2icemining.ca1.0119254720130 (24 minutes)14.49 GH/s
3beepool.org1.01192555853 (1 second)5.59 GH/s
4zergpool.com1192547413 (2 days)2.87 GH/s
5666pool.cn1.01192544927 (12 minutes)2.48 GH/s
6zpool.ca1.251192535583 (13 hours)618.34 MH/s
7nlpool.nl0.25119252225 (3 hours)546.99 MH/s
8f2pool.com3.011925500 (1 second)535.98 MH/s
9blockmasters.co0.251192534212 (2 hours)498.74 MH/s (solo)0.911925453 (16 hours)398.11 MH/s
11gos.cx0.9119254103 (10 hours)310.43 MH/s
12yiimp.eu2.0119254143 (4 hours)139.62 MH/s (solo)1.911925481 (4 hours)121.39 MH/s
14ahashpool.com1.011925251 (13 hours)102.09 MH/s
15persianmine.com11925510 (3 weeks)31.42 MH/s
16blazepool.com1.011925401 (18 hours)4.22 MH/s
17blockcrushers.xyz11925410 (5 days)3.17 MH/s
18suqa.coinblockers.com11925410 (2 days)1.61 MH/s
19aikapool.com1.011925500 (1 second)0.00 KH/s
20altcoinpool.club0.511925400 (-)0.00 KH/s
21blockminer.me0.511925400 (-)0.00 KH/s
22btcwulf.com11925400 (-)0.00 KH/s
23coolmine.top1.011104000 (1 month)0.00 KH/s
24cryptopool.cash0.58991400 (-)0.00 KH/s
25fairmine.pro0.711925400 (-)0.00 KH/s
26firehash.net0.07684800 (-)0.00 KH/s
27firstordermineroutlook.com1.07937700 (-)0.00 KH/s
28focus-pool.com0.311375500 (-)0.00 KH/s
29fpgapool.com11690700 (-)0.00 KH/s
30fpool.top0.56924800 (-)0.00 KH/s
31gethash.cc11925400 (-)0.00 KH/s
32gpuhash.org0.39021500 (-)0.00 KH/s
33hashpump.com11029600 (-)0.00 KH/s
34iddqd.vip0.911925400 (-)0.00 KH/s
35letsmine.it0.58650100 (-)0.00 KH/s
36mecryptosolo.club0.57630900 (-)0.00 KH/s
37minepool.com10948600 (-)0.00 KH/s
38minermore.com0.511925400 (1 month)0.00 KH/s
39phi-phi-pool.com0.411661900 (-)0.00 KH/s
40pool.ahash.ru1.07075900 (-)0.00 KH/s
41pool.bibop.net11925400 (-)0.00 KH/s
42pool.coin-miners.info1.010532500 (-)0.00 KH/s
43pool.friends-master.net1.011925400 (-)0.00 KH/s
44pool.gpumining.ir0.511925400 (-)0.00 KH/s
45powerpool.money1.011925400 (2 weeks)0.00 KH/s
46thepool.life11925400 (-)0.00 KH/s
47thetechnicalspool.com0.57295700 (-)0.00 KH/s

Main data by (Manual arrangements by SUQA Team – Last update: 19-03-2019 04:50:50 UTC)